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A very short story I wish I'd written

A path ran between two villages.

Next to the path was a bench, and on the bench sat an old man.

A traveller wandered along.

“Hello! May I join you?” he said, and they shook hands. “I’ve just come from that village back there, and I have to say, it’s simply wonderful. I’ve had the best time. Charming people, very hospitable. I love their pace of life, their culture, their outlook. The food was delicious and I learned much from their conversation. I’m sorry to leave but I will always have fond memories of my time there. I’m headed for the next village along – do you know what it’s like?”

“I think you’ll find it very much the same” said the old man.

They talked for a while, then the traveller smiled, shook hands again, and went on his way.

A while later, another traveller wandered along.

“Well, I should have known” he said, slumping next to the old man. “Dull little place. People were very provincial. And you know, standoffish. Very little to do. I didn’t care for the food or the mundane chitchat. No, to tell you the truth, I’m glad to get out of there. D’you know if the next village along is any better?”

“I think you’ll find it very much the same” said the old man.

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