• 'Business Development Mastery'

    (especially for teams in Professional Services Firms)

    Do you resent having to sell yourself? Would you prefer that clients came to you, rather than having to chase them for work?

    The purpose of this service is to help you attract more of the work you enjoy, from clients you like.

    By the end of this programme:

    • You'll have a clear set of goals that give you more professional satisfaction.
    • You'll know who you want to work with, and what types of work you want to do.
    • You'll have a more focused reputation and a broader, more powerful network.
    • You'll have a professional social media profile and presence.
    • You'll be able to talk effortlessly to prospects and existing clients about their issues and how you can help them.
    • You'll know how to present and win client pitches.
    • You'll be enlisting colleagues to help achieve your ambitions.

    The programme can be delivered one-to-one by means of coaching and training...


    ... or it can be delivered to groups as a series of facilitated workshops and training events.


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  • Client story: the case of the imperfect pitch

    The four partners of a new reinsurance business got in touch with me. They'd just made a disastrous pitch for what would have been their second client.


    The only way they were going to win new business was by pitching. They needed to get better - and fast.


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    The project

    Every morning for two weeks, we practised a different pitch. I played a different fictitious client each day. I'd give them a briefing paper and 30 minutes to prepare; and then they would have to pitch their services to me. Finally, we'd have a debriefing session.


    The early attempts were understandably clumsy. They focused on themselves and the features of their services. Over time, however, they became clearer about the value that they brought to me - their client.



    The result

    By the middle of week two, each pitch was dramatic and impactful. They gradually learned how to create a powerful connection with their prospective clients.


    And of course, out in the real world, they won almost every pitch they attended. Within a few weeks they had as many clients as they could handle.

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