• What to expect when you work with me ...

    My Core Services

    Strategy and Leadership Training

    I design and run:

    • strategy development programmes
    • leadership development programmes
    • finance training
    • compliance training
    • strategy sprints and brand sprints
    • competitor wargames

    I create or clarify:

    • business plans
    • strategy plans

    I coach you and your team to give:

    • presentations
    • pitches and elevator pitches

    I write or rewrite:

    • prospectuses and pitch documents
    • B2B websites
  • How I work

    My services take various forms: training, development programmes, workshops, consulting, facilitation, or coaching.


    But they're all based on four principles.

    Listen to win

    Teams often find themselves going round in circles, and they struggle to agree on a way forward.


    Sometimes they don't ask themselves the difficult questions; sometimes they don't create time and space to find answers.


    I help leaders to dig deeper so that they figure out what winning means to them.

    Play to win

    We humans love to set ourselves challenges in sports, games and puzzles. Why not at work too? Serious play leads to serious engagement.


    So where appropriate, I include an element of play in the workshops and programmes that I design.


    I help leaders tap into their competitive spirit, so that they find the desire to win.

    Simplify to win

    Simplicity can move mountains. The secret of success is doing fewer things better.


    Often that means sacrificing secondary goals in pursuit of the big one.


    I help leaders to find the real core of their business, so that they can win rather than just competing.

    Plan to win

    I'm an unashamed planner. Why is planning important? After all, plans and forecasts are never 'right'.


    Planning is essential because winning doesn't just happen. It requires coordination: coordination of direction, goals and efforts.


    I help leaders to plan at all levels, from the strategic to the specific, so they know exactly how they'll win.

  • Interested in winning?

    Are you trying to explain a complex business clearly? Wrestling with how to unite your team around a simpler, more powerful strategy? Wanting to develop yourself, or the next generation of leaders? Help is here.

    45 Whitehall Park Road,
    London W4 3NB, UK
    +44 7941 546 232
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