• Team Development Programmes

    (to help a team of professionals work better together)

    The purpose of this service is to help your team to become more business-like and more entrepreneurial.

    By the end of this programme, participants will have:

    • clearer roles and goals
    • a shared cause
    • a clear sense of their expertise
    • better ways of working together
    • a more powerful reputation.

    If your team needs a powerful boost to motivation, then the standard one-day workshop is for you. It includes Myers Briggs profiling, which leads into a 'new ways of working' exercise. There's also an engaging team planning exercise. The result is an inspirational two-page 'working together' plan.


    If the team has lost its mojo and needs a full relaunch, then I can put together a tailored development programme including workshops and coaching. This can address more deep-seated challenges like conflict and mistrust, replacing them with a healthy culture, capable of producing great work.


    Read the client study below, or find out more.

  • Client story: the case of the overworked partners

    Two partners in a law firm approached me to help them create a management development programme for associates. They felt that their associates needed to 'up their game' in terms of becoming more self-reliant.


    Some of the topics they mentioned were: taking a brief; leading a team leadership; and time management.


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    The project

    When I also researched the needs of the participants, other issues came to light, such as fear of the hierarchy, lack of context for much of their work, and almost no feedback whatsoever.


    I designed a programme which addressed all the stated needs, but which was also designed to change the way that associates approached working relationships with their partners and with each other.



    The result

    The programmes created extraordinary levels of honesty and disclosure. "I came in feeling sceptical..." was one typical remark, "but I've never been able to have conversations like this."


    Feedback for the question "will you be able to apply your learnings from this workshop back in the office?" scored over 95%.

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