• The 'Play to Win' Transformation Programme

    (for corporate leaders and teams who need better results)

    Even successful businesses find themselves struggling sometimes.

    A new business plan

    The purpose of this service is to create a new roadmap to business success - and to motivate your whole team at the same time.

    As a result of this programme, you and your team will:

    • agree on a clearer set of goals and a timetabled plan of action to achieve them
    • find real motivation with a new shared sense of purpose
    • articulate the value that you bring to your clients or customers
    • identify the core expertise that will make you successful
    • know how to work well together and get the best from each other
    • figure out how to eliminate unnecessary work

    If you're looking for a speedy plan relaunch, then you need the standard one-day version of this programme. Your team produces a one-page roadmap summarising their new approach, and a one-page timetable of actions.

    • "I never imagined we'd get so far in one day" - CEO of a recent client

    If you need a more fundamental transformation, then I can tailor a series of facilitated workshops. These address topics like your business model, your brand, your product or service range, your competitive edge, your business culture - everything you need for a successful strategy.


    Read some of the client stories below, or find out more.

  • A failing business plan

    Client story 1: the case of the vanishing market share

    A branded food business was declining sharply after more than a decade of rapid growth. Morale was low. None of their new products had succeeded; indeed they were only diluting margins. Meanwhile private-label products were taking share. Everyone was overworked but nothing they did made any real impression in the marketplace...


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    a plan for growth

    The project

    They appointed a new MD and I worked with him and his top team. We started with a list of questions in plain English: what's working, what's not, what is our core, who are our competitors and where are they strong... and so on.


    Together we dug the foundations for future prosperity: the brand, the financial model, the culture and values of the organisation and more. We then reviewed our options for growing the company and settled on a plan.



    growth and profitability

    The result

    The pitch to the board won a standing ovation. We also won widespread support for the plan from the workforce. We worked on detailed sales, marketing and NPD activities. At every stage, I ensured that there were clear action plans in place, and held the team's feet to the fire as they implemented.


    The end result? Market share recovered from 45% to 59%, and profitability (EBITDA%) almost doubled to over 15%.

  • Client story 2: the case of the complex brand

    An information-products company got in touch with me to help with a re-branding exercise. Over the previous five years, they had been very successful, and had introduced lots of new products and services. But the many offerings had become too complex to explain easily.


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    The project

    I ran two workshops with employees, and polled a selection of their clients past and present. In particular we discussed the current positioning and an ideal future positioning for the brand. I also collected anecdotes which captured the spirit of the company at its best. I designed a brand framework, capturing the key elements of personality, values and benefits which the company wanted to project.



    The result

    The board approved all the new marketing materials based on the repositioning. I ran an exercise in which we prioritised the various products and assigned portfolio roles to them. We created a very simple but powerful way of sub-branding the products and explaining the specific benefits of each one - not what it was, but what it achieved for the user.


    6 months later: brand recognition and understanding dramatically improved following the relaunch.

  • Client story 3: the case of the dangerous entrant

    For one of my clients, a particular competitor was a real worry. The competitor was new to the market, but was successfully building share.


    By encouraging long consumer trials, this new company was able to build distribution and grow rapidly.


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    The project

    We gathered a group of sales, marketing and finance people together for a two day Competitor Wargame. Part of the exercise was to figure out what they would do if they were working for that competitor. They had fun plotting their own employer’s downfall!


    But the exercise also gave them plenty of insights into the likely strategic priorities of the competitor, and together we figured out how we were going to beat them.



    The result

    By coincidence, two months later... the competitor published a trade ad which set out its four top priorities. What they didn’t know was that we had successfully predicted each one, and had already put in place a sales and marketing plan to pre-empt them.

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